How To Get Free Traffic

Hey, this is Mike Cowles and I wanted to share a strategy with you today. That relates to one of the most important things about online marketing and that is traffic.

And in this case, it’s free traffic!

Now keep in mind, anytime somebody says, here’s the way to get free traffic, there’s always a price, but in this case it’s not money out of your pocket, it’s your time.

So the traffic source that we’re talking about is… video.

Now we go into depth with all of this, in our community, but I wanted to share first just the concept of it, as well as some of the key principles so that you can get started today, even if you’re not a member of our community.

So first of all, when you make videos, what most people tend to do is they make one, two, three, maybe five videos.

They’re not at the top of Google. They’re not getting phone calls or clicks or opt ins or whatever and they stop.

One of the keys to video is to make a bunch, by a bunch I don’t mean 10 or 20 or 50, I mean a hundred is a good start.

When you reach a point where you do 200 or 300, you actually become an authority that’s unstoppable in Google’s eyes and what’s great about it, is when you create a video, first of all, they don’t have to be long, like a minute to two minutes, three minutes max, is great.

So when you make these videos, you can then post it on Facebook, you can post it on your blog, which I hope you have your own blog, like a WordPress blog, you can post it on Twitter, you can post it on Linkedin, and then you can also get it transcribed.

And you can take that text and put that on your blog, which will give your blog more authority and when people do searches for those terms, they’ll find it.

Now, when you make your videos, make sure that they’re relevant, that they’re useful, that they’ve got good content, just like this video and they always have a call to action.

So just like I mentioned our Community a little while ago in the video, I’m going to mention it at the end, which is now as well, which is if you want to get more tools, you want to get more training, you want to get coaching from other community members as well as unlimited one on one coaching with me, then check out our community.

It’s at and just click on the community link and you’ll be able to see what we have to offer inside of there.

Thanks so much, I hope you enjoyed this video. If you have any questions or comments, I’d love to hear em.

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